Todd Irwin (b. 1980) 
I began as a factory printer making bootleg t-shirts on the side to sell at my local record shop. This somewhat empowering gesture led me to an artistic practice that I continue working at today. I see printmaking is a means toward an independent existence that can give a semblance of a voice in this world. From the computer screen we seek ways to manifest what we create – and the act of doing so remains paramount. My work is often a synthesis of these matrices; analogue and digital. Conceptually my work is rooted in mapping but it is also driven by sensitivities to color and metanarrative. I have created posters, prints, publications, and installations based around the multiple. I do my best to show my work regularly. Support sometimes comes from stints working at printshops like Bushwick Print Lab where I was a lead printmaker and tech from 2016-2018. In 2016, I created a semi-annual publication focused on screenprinting called Power Washer Zine with my friend and colleague Josh Dannin. Currently I am printing, designing, and creating new projects from my studio Bitmap Press in Chicago.
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